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When the shops close at the end of the day the city is really just waking up. For a relaxing pre-dinner drink, many visitors and locals alike choose the cafés in the Chiado district before heading to the restaurant.

After dinner, there is a plethora of entertainment available in the form of clubs and bars to suit anyone from the most energetic dancers through to those who prefer their entertainment a little more sedate! Lisbon has a well-deserved reputation as a "trendy" destination which attracts DJs and visitors from far a field.

Most clubs close between 2.00am and 4.00am , however, for the keen late night reveler (or early riser!) there are a number of clubs and bars down by the river at the docks of Alcântara .

Below are a selection of venues and a description of what you can expect to find there:

Fado houses - Fado is a traditional type of Portuguese music which in Lisbon features a solo performer singing and playing a twelve-stringed guitar. Fado houses range greatly from classy restaurants to cheap and cheerful taverns but the best ones can be found in the Alfama and Lapa districts.

Club Lux - Arguably Lisbon's trendiest club. It is part owned by Hollywood actor John Malkovich and is a place to be seen and enjoy a cocktail on the terrace.

Armazém F - This is a restaurant, bar and a club in one. After the restaurant closes at 12.00am , the bar continues until 2.00am and the club until 6.00am!

Bairro Alto bar hop - As the name suggests, the Bairro Alto district is littered with bars that will keep you busy well into the early hours. A bohemian, upbeat area with something for everyone.

Dockés Club - This is a huge place that is so over the top with its decoration and hype. You will either love it or hate it but one thing is for sure - it will provoke an opinion!